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New STANDARD_PLUS audio mode removes 16kHz whine - Mozzi

New STANDARD_PLUS audio mode removes 16kHz whine

Took a long time coming…

version 2014-03-13-14:09

  • MozziGuts.cpp/h,mozzi_config.h - Added STANDARD_PLUS audio mode. This is now the default audio mode. Just like STANDARD, but with 32768Hz PWM rate, so the whine which some people hear in STANDARD mode is now out of hearing range. A notch filter is not required for STANDARD_PLUS output. STANDARD_PLUS introduces a slight performance penalty over STANDARD mode, but works for most of the Mozzi demo examples. I recommend it for general use, with a fall back to STANDARD for more demanding sketches. HIFI mode is unchanged, but is being revised to address broad-spectrum noise/distortion issues in this mode.
  • TimerOne.h - changed initialize(usecs) to choice of initializeMicroseconds(usecs) or initializeCPUCycles(cycles), providing the finer resolution required for the PWM rate increase.
  • FrequencyTimer2.cpp - changed setPeriod to setPeriodMicroSeconds() and added setPeriodCPUCycles().
  • examples/02.Control/Line_Gliss_Double_32k_HIFI - changed “warmtriangle” wave to saw and changed one of the oscils up an octave. Molto Aggressivo. Almost.
  • examples/10.Audio_Filters/StateVariableFilter - changed some floats which were supposed to be ints
  • StateVariable.h - removed a clicking sound heard in some situations, thanks to diligent problem-finding by qwester1 on github. Cheers qwester1.
    The centre frequency calculation is still extremely approximate. Needs more work.