Mozzi  version v1.1.0
sound synthesis library for Arduino
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CADSRA simple ADSR envelope generator
 CAudioDelayAudio delay line for comb filter, flange, chorus and short echo effects
 CAudioDelayFeedbackAudio delay line with feedback for comb filter, flange, chorus and short echo effects
 CAutoMapAutomatically map an input value to an output range without knowing the precise range of inputs beforehand
 CAutoRangeKeeps a running calculation of the range of the input values it receives
A class for reading voltage on a digital pin, derived from
 CCircularBufferCircular buffer object
Control-rate delay line for delaying control signals
A DC-blocking filter useful for highlighting changes in control signals
 CEadExponential attack decay envelope
 CEventDelayA non-blocking replacement for Arduino's delay() function
 CInt2TypeEnables you to instantiate a template based on an integer value
 CIntMapA faster version of Arduino's map() function
 CLineFor linear changes with a minimum of calculation at each step
 CLine< unsigned char >
 CLine< unsigned int >
 CLine< unsigned long >
 CLowPassFilterA resonant low pass filter for audio signals
 CMetronomeA metronome class which is like an EventDelay which retriggers itself when the delay time is up, to produce a repeating beat
 CMultiLineA simple MultiLine envelope generator
Oscil plays a wavetable, cycling through the table to generate an audio or control signal
 COverSampleEnables the resolution of analog inputs to be increased by oversampling and decimation
 CPDResonantPDResonant is a simple midi instrument using Phase distortion used to simulate resonant filter, based on
 CPhasorPhasor repeatedly generates a high resolution ramp at a variable frequency
 CPortamentoA simple portamento (pitch slide from one note to the next) effect, useful for note-based applications
A class for reading voltage on a digital pin, derived from
A reverb which sounds like the inside of a tin can
 CRollingAverageCalculates a running average over a specified number of the most recent readings
 CRollingStatCalculates an approximation of the variance and standard deviation for a window of recent inputs
 CSampleSample is like Oscil, it plays a wavetable
 CSampleHuffmanA sample player for samples encoded with Huffman compression
 CSmoothA simple infinite impulse response low pass filter for smoothing control or audio signals
 CStackA simple stack, used internally for keeping track of analog input channels as they are read
 CStateVariableA State Variable filter which offers 12db resonant low, high, bandpass and notch modes
Wavepacket synthesis, with two overlapping streams of wave packets
 CWavePacketSampleA WavePacket which allows a custom table to be set as the audio source for the wavepackets (or grains)
 CWaveShaperWaveShaper maps values from its input to values in a table, which are returned as output
 CWaveShaper< char >Int8_t specialisation of WaveShaper template
 CWaveShaper< int >Int specialisation of WaveShaper template