Mozzi  version v1.1.0
sound synthesis library for Arduino
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
[detail level 12]
 CADSR< CONTROL_UPDATE_RATE, LERP_RATE >A simple ADSR envelope generator
 CAudioDelay< NUM_BUFFER_SAMPLES, T >Audio delay line for comb filter, flange, chorus and short echo effects
Control-rate delay line for delaying control signals
 CAudioDelay< 128 >
 CAudioDelay< 128, int >
 CAudioDelay< 256, int >
 CAudioDelayFeedback< NUM_BUFFER_SAMPLES, INTERP_TYPE >Audio delay line with feedback for comb filter, flange, chorus and short echo effects
 CAutoRange< T >Keeps a running calculation of the range of the input values it receives
 CAutoRange< int >
 CAutoMapAutomatically map an input value to an output range without knowing the precise range of inputs beforehand
A class for reading voltage on a digital pin, derived from
 CCircularBuffer< ITEM_TYPE >Circular buffer object
A DC-blocking filter useful for highlighting changes in control signals
 CEadExponential attack decay envelope
 CEventDelayA non-blocking replacement for Arduino's delay() function
 CMetronomeA metronome class which is like an EventDelay which retriggers itself when the delay time is up, to produce a repeating beat
 CInt2Type< I >Enables you to instantiate a template based on an integer value
 CIntMapA faster version of Arduino's map() function
 CLine< T >For linear changes with a minimum of calculation at each step
 CLine< Q15n16 >
 CLine< Q16n16 >
 CLine< unsigned char >
 CLine< unsigned int >
 CLine< unsigned long >
 CLowPassFilterA resonant low pass filter for audio signals
 CMultiLine< CONTROL_UPDATE_RATE, LERP_RATE >A simple MultiLine envelope generator
Oscil plays a wavetable, cycling through the table to generate an audio or control signal
 COscil< 8192, AUDIO_RATE >
 CPDResonantPDResonant is a simple midi instrument using Phase distortion used to simulate resonant filter, based on
 CPhasor< UPDATE_RATE >Phasor repeatedly generates a high resolution ramp at a variable frequency
 CPhasor< AUDIO_RATE >
 CPortamento< CONTROL_UPDATE_RATE >A simple portamento (pitch slide from one note to the next) effect, useful for note-based applications
A class for reading voltage on a digital pin, derived from
A reverb which sounds like the inside of a tin can
 CRollingAverage< T, WINDOW_LENGTH >Calculates a running average over a specified number of the most recent readings
 CRollingAverage< T,(1<<(RESOLUTION_INCREASE_BITS *2))>
 COverSample< T, RESOLUTION_INCREASE_BITS >Enables the resolution of analog inputs to be increased by oversampling and decimation
 CRollingStat< T, WINDOW_LENGTH >Calculates an approximation of the variance and standard deviation for a window of recent inputs
 CSample< NUM_TABLE_CELLS, UPDATE_RATE, INTERP >Sample is like Oscil, it plays a wavetable
 CSampleHuffmanA sample player for samples encoded with Huffman compression
 CSmooth< T >A simple infinite impulse response low pass filter for smoothing control or audio signals
 CStack< T, NUM_ITEMS >A simple stack, used internally for keeping track of analog input channels as they are read
 CStateVariable< FILTER_TYPE >A State Variable filter which offers 12db resonant low, high, bandpass and notch modes
 CWavePacket< ALGORITHM >
Wavepacket synthesis, with two overlapping streams of wave packets
 CWavePacketSample< ALGORITHM >A WavePacket which allows a custom table to be set as the audio source for the wavepackets (or grains)
 CWaveShaper< T >WaveShaper maps values from its input to values in a table, which are returned as output
 CWaveShaper< char >Int8_t specialisation of WaveShaper template
 CWaveShaper< int >Int specialisation of WaveShaper template