MozziByte is an audio hardware platform that lets you focus on designing sound and interaction, rather than fiddling with breadboards and tangles of wires.


The board provides a digital audio amplifier, audio socket, speaker pins, battery connector, power switch and prototyping area for connecting sensors, knobs, and switches to an Arduino Pro Mini.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions 45 x 40 x 10 mm (with Arduino Pro Mini mounted)
MicroController Arduino Pro Mini 5V/16MHz (not included)
Digital Amp 1.4 W, 8 Ohms, Texas Instruments TPA2005D1
Audio Signal PWM with 8 kHz low pass smoothing filter
Dynamic Range 14 bit ganged PWM
Audio Outs 3.5mm headphone, switched priority over speaker pins
Power 5-12V JST-2 Male connector for battery
Rails Onboard power rails VCC, GND, on each side
Switch For battery. USB connection via Arduino overrides
Prototyping 2 columns each side for sensors and buttons. 1 column each side connected to Arduino pins.
Mounting holes 2 at 38 mm spacing, 3mm diameter

MozziByte allows designers, artists, musicians and students to rapidly prototype and create innovative and imaginative sonic products, sound art installations and custom synthesisers by providing the core audio components needed in every project.

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