Mozzi  version v1.1.0
sound synthesis library for Arduino
1 #ifndef MOZZI_MIDI_H_
2 #define MOZZI_MIDI_H_
4 #include "mozzi_fixmath.h"
6 float mtof(float x);
7 int mtof(uint8_t midi_note);
8 int mtof(int midi_note);
9 Q16n16 Q16n16_mtof(Q16n16 midival);
11 #endif /* MOZZI_MIDI_H_ */
Q16n16 Q16n16_mtof(Q16n16 midival)
Converts midi note number to frequency with speed and accuracy.
Definition: mozzi_midi.cpp:132
float mtof(float x)
Converts midi note number to frequency.
Definition: mozzi_midi.cpp:18
uint32_t Q16n16
unsigned fractional number using 16 integer bits and 16 fractional bits, represents 0 to 65535...
Definition: mozzi_fixmath.h:46
int mtof(int midi_note)
A good choice if you're using whole note values, want speed and simplicity, and accuracy isn't import...
Definition: mozzi_midi.cpp:166