Here are some projects by people using Mozzi. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch.

Musical Instrument From Fidget Spinners by Jens Maker Adventures.

Mutant and Freaq generative synths from Meebleeps:

OscPocketM and OscPocketO ; A beatmaker and a synth/drum machine by Staffan Melin, who invites you to “edit, share and evolve”

TURBULENCE v.1.2 - wind sound installation by Jiri Suchanek.

LFS1 - a light field synthesis: Installation by Dieter Vandoren and Mariska de Groot.

Ben Nolan’s art project for Kiwiburn (New Zealand’s Burning Man festival).

Genetically Modified Oscillator: Graintable Synthesizer by Ross Fish.

MozMo: Arduino Mozzi synth in Eurorack hardware by Jean-Luc Deladrière.

Mozmo board

Nuncha: music with a Wii nunchuck by Marco Galardini.

mobileBB shield for Mozzi, by The Breadboard Band

mobileBB shield

K’iin, a mini-synth by Taylan Cihan.

Wearable synthesizer group “ARDUINI” playing their original song “Noi siamo Robot”.

Field Lines, an instrument designed by Charles Peck.

POWDER BOX: An Interactive Musical Device with Sensor Based Replaceable Interface by Yoshihito Nakanishi, at The University of Tokyo.

”B.O.M.B.-Beat Of Magic Box-”, an interactive musical device for cooperative music performance by Yoshihito Nakanishi.

Arduinitar, by Andrew McPherson, exploring interface design with children at Queen Mary University.


Standuino π [pi] by Václav Peloušek. A “mysterious drone synth” that “can find your needs”…

[xor] synth by Václav Peloušek, the Standuino hand-made electronic music project.

A musical fruit fly experiment, a group art/science installation at the State Library of Queensland.

CheapSynth by Fakebit Polytechnic.

E-licktronic Arduino Mozzi synthesizer.

“Greenwash” by Tim Barrass, a sun-powered sound sculpture which sonifies fluctuations in solar energy (like a windchime, but solar).

“Audio Club Executive (ACE)” by Tim Barrass, for the high-powered fidgeter. Solar powered sample scrubber.