Here are some projects by people using Mozzi. If you have something you’d like to share, get in touch.

Mutant and Freaq generative synths from Meebleeps:

OscPocketM and OscPocketO ; A beatmaker and a synth/drum machine by Staffan Melin, who invites you to “edit, share and evolve”

TURBULENCE v.1.2 - wind sound installation by Jiri Suchanek.

LFS1 - a light field synthesis: Installation by Dieter Vandoren and Mariska de Groot.

Ben Nolan’s art project for Kiwiburn (New Zealand’s Burning Man festival).

Genetically Modified Oscillator: Graintable Synthesizer by Ross Fish.

MozMo: Arduino Mozzi synth in Eurorack hardware by Jean-Luc Deladrière.

Mozmo board

Nuncha: music with a Wii nunchuck by Marco Galardini.

mobileBB shield for Mozzi, by The Breadboard Band

mobileBB shield

K’iin, a mini-synth by Taylan Cihan.

Wearable synthesizer group “ARDUINI” playing their original song “Noi siamo Robot”.

Field Lines, an instrument designed by Charles Peck.

POWDER BOX: An Interactive Musical Device with Sensor Based Replaceable Interface by Yoshihito Nakanishi, at The University of Tokyo.

”B.O.M.B.-Beat Of Magic Box-”, an interactive musical device for cooperative music performance by Yoshihito Nakanishi.

Arduinitar, by Andrew McPherson, exploring interface design with children at Queen Mary University.


Standuino π [pi] by Václav Peloušek. A “mysterious drone synth” that “can find your needs”…

[xor] synth by Václav Peloušek, the Standuino hand-made electronic music project.

A musical fruit fly experiment, a group art/science installation at the State Library of Queensland.

CheapSynth by Fakebit Polytechnic.

E-licktronic Arduino Mozzi synthesizer.

“Greenwash” by Tim Barrass, a sun-powered sound sculpture which sonifies fluctuations in solar energy (like a windchime, but solar).

“Audio Club Executive (ACE)” by Tim Barrass, for the high-powered fidgeter. Solar powered sample scrubber.